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Attention Small Business Owners!
Obtain financial assistance to start, grow or expand your small business venture.
Credit Education Can Change  Your Life! A higher credit score can save you thousands of dollars on a purchase or refinance mortgage, a car, a small business loan, credit cards and more.  Put the power of The Fair Credit Reporting Act to work in your favor and improve your credit today. We can help. How do we overcome client  challenges?  (e.g. fear, shame, bad habits, etc.)  •	Secure commitment from client - Required to identify and commit to truth  •	 Identify behaviors contributing to financial challenges (impulse spending and denial.)  •	Provide proven and effective tools and solutions - Accountability How do we do what we do? •	HOPE efficiently and effectively identifies our clients’ financial issues •	HOPE customizes our services to solve client's issues  •	 HOPE educates clients through training workshops, seminars, and webinars    •	HOPE  provides one on one consultation, create action plans and provide tools to ensure execution    •	HOPE monitors financial plans to ensure long term success
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Even businesses with years of history, great financial  standing, or tons of collateral are likely to be turned  down for traditional business loans. Most start-up  companies don’t even stand a chance at approval for  traditional business financing. When you are turned  down for a business loan at your bank, the loan officer  has nowhere else to send you. HOPE Credit Business  Funding Suite allows you access to over hundreds of  funding sources! Your search for business funding just became a whole lot easier. If you can answer yes to any of the following  questions, then you owe it to yourself to give HOPE  Credit Team a call today! • Do you own a business? • Do you desire to start a business? • Do you have Business Credit?  • Could you benefit from at least $50,000 in  guaranteed business credit? • No Personal Guarantee Required • Over 100’s of Funding Sources • Build Strong Business Credit Scores Quickly • $50,000 Business Credit Guarantee Did you know that nearly 75% of businesses who  apply for a Small Business Administration Loan  (SBA) are denied credit?
HOPE Credit Service, LLC offers an array of services to the community. Our mission is to educate consumers on the importance of maintaining excellent credit and increasing consumer awareness. Mrs. McIntosh employs her extensive knowledge in these areas to provide consumers relevant solutions to their personal credit, business credit, and business funding. HOPE Credit Service offers small businesses access to the Business Credit Builder program, Business Funding programs and Business Credit Advisors through the Business Finance Suite. Existing Business Owners or Start up Business Owners?  How to build up to 50k in business credit within 12 months?  Come learn how? This class is for you!  Funding that’s available for your business NOW, Topics will include:  This workshop will inform potential and existing business owners on the importance of understanding the process of building excellent business credit. We will teach you how to build business credit with access to credit that’s linked to your EIN and not your SSN, credit that requires no personal credit check or personal guarantee or liability from you?  We will teach you how to obtain funding for your business.  
What is business credit? The components of personal and business credit. How is Business Credit different from Personal Credit Why is your business bank rating so important? What Business Credit is used for? Why is Business Credit one of the quickest and easiest ways to get money to run your business? How to Get Business credit…  Even with Bad Credit, No Collateral, or No Cash Flow
Registration Required! Limited seating available.
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Hope Credit Service, LLC 44 Darby’s Crossing Drive Suite 200 Hiram, GA 30141 Office:  (678) 383-2839 Fax:  (678) 349-0664
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