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Personal Credit Solutions
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Hope Credit Service, LLC 44 Darby’s Crossing Drive Suite 200 Hiram, GA 30141 Office:  (678) 383-2839 Fax:  (678) 349-0664
Hope Credit Service, LLC 44 Darby’s Crossing Drive Suite 200 Hiram, GA 30141 Office:  (678) 383-2839 Fax:  (678) 349-0664
Workshops, Seminars and Talk Radio Personal and Business Credit education classes is available through specialized workshops and seminars. HOPE Credit would love to help you give "a little something" back to your organization. Does your organization offer credit or financial education classes or workshops?  If not, then ask your supervisor or manger to feature a HOPE Credit expert at your next meeting!  A class can be tailored to fit into any schedule. HOPE Credit experts can give a quick, "credit or financial tip" or even an in depth training session on how to achieve healthier credit and financial wellness. Don't forget: HOPE Credit experts are available for your next credit and finance workshops to groups,  organizations, churches, fraternities, sororities, etc. Helping to teach the credit game and bring financial literacy to consumers.  Healthier credit, financial wellness, and peace of mind are priceless gifts!  Why not share them with your employees, members, friends, and family? Contact us today for more information or to schedule a credit or financial education class for your organization.  Act quickly - our calendar fills up fast!  Book HOPE Credit Service for a credit workshop with your company or organization!
HOPE Credit provides the consumer with classes on personal, business credit education,  personal money management and  financial literacy.    HOPE Credit also provides classes and tools for small business owners to increase their awareness, knowledge in order to protect and grow their businesses.  McIntosh’s mission to empower clients to achieve financial wellness and attain financial goals has poised HOPE Credit to offer their clients a platform to success that is without equal in the industry.
Your credit is the most important number in your financial life as well as the most influential one. The higher your credit score, the more financial opportunities you will have.  You will discover that our program is designed to educate and empower our clients to take back control of their financial future!
Personal Credit Solutions One on one consultation and detailed credit assessment Evaluation of credit report from all 3 bureaus Recommendation with an action plan to address areas of concern Personal Finance Solutions One on one consultation and detail budget assessment Recommendation with an action plan to address budget challenges Optional Retirement planning  Optional Insurance Solutions Business Credit Solutions HOPE Credit educates small business owners on the importance of understanding the process of building excellent business credit and How to obtain funds for businesses. We are committed to your success! LegalShield Business and Personal Legal Plans: Is Your Business Protected?  Get small business legal assistance when you need it. Are You Protected?  With your individual or family legal plan, you can contact your law firm for personal legal advice or assistance, even 24/7 for covered emergencies.